unFinished News

unFinished News

Fnatic Female Cup

uF FemalePosted by Ibbe aka Rain Mar 21, 2010 20:29:08
Fnatic Cup is over for our part. We wish to thank the Administration of the Fnatic for a well run tournament. It is so appreciated and nice to see people continue to invest in girls tournaments. We hope to see more initiatives in the future. Thanks again!

unFinished recap:
uF Vs. maniaX.Girls 16-6
uF Vs. Team Speed-Link 2-0 (bo3 maps)
uF Vs. Pink Zinic 0-2 (bo3 maps)

Otherwise, we had an educational weekend of CS. Much needed for Arablet Cup in April for the girls. We have also started a Twitter for our future events. Follow this to get a live update on what is going on during and between matches. It will be updated with information about games, images, videos and anything else fun we can find.